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Catering 101: What Questions To Ask Your Wedding Cater

Whether you are planning a formal sit-down dinner, or a simple champagne and cake reception, be sure to work with an experienced, professional wedding catering company. Spend some time interviewing local caterers in Las Vegas or your wedding destination and talking with them about the menu and various pricing options.

Remember, planning a wedding is not only about romance and creativity; it is also an exhibition in patience and organizational skills. There are so many distinctly, individual, parts that contribute to the planning of a successful wedding. A caterer is one of those daunting choices.

Here are a list of questions that you may want to keep in mind when selecting a caterer for your wedding (other than the obvious food-related ones!).

  • Are they licensed?

  • Do they have insurance? If so, what does it cover?

  • What is their staffs attire?

  • How do they execute a plated dinner? Buffet dinner?

  • Can they meet your specifications for cost per person and staff-to-guest ratio? (A good ratio for seated meals is approximately one waiter for every 8-10 guests.)

  • Can they provide their catering proposal in writing?

  • Have they worked at your chosen venue before?

  • What other costs are associated with their catering proposal?

  • Is there a time frame that the catering proposal is valid until signed?

  • Can you choose your own menu or will one be provided for you?

  • Do they have good references with pictures or a current event that you can attend?

  • Are they full service? (table linens etc.)

  • Do they allow tipping?

  • How much time do they require for reservations, finalized guest count, and wedding day set up?

  • What is their policy on cancellations?

  • Do they charge for opening the bottle of champagne and cutting the cake?

  • Will they feed the other wedding personnel? (photographer, etc.)

  • Will your wedding require a banquet captain?

  • Do they also provide bar packages? If so, what are their options?

We hope there tips can assist you with finding the perfect cater for your wedding day! If you need assistance with menu planning, we can help. We also have a great list of preferred vendors that are flexible and can work with your needs.

With love,

Elle Lee Designs

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