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Fall 2019 Wedding Details: Ten Wedding Favors to Fall in Love With!

Summer weddings are coming to an end and it's time to sure up your Fall wedding details, as your planning window closes. Wedding favors inspired by the season are the perfect way to marry (pun totally intended) décor elements that might still feel or look unfinished. If you're having trouble coming up with the right wedding favor idea, I have three words to help you nail it: personal, seasonal, and practical.

One question I always ask my couples during planning is; do you want your wedding favors to be keepsakes or edibles? It’s the perfect way to narrow down your choices and then base the favor on your personal styles.

With that said, I have divided this wedding favors list by KEEPSAKE and FOOD/BEVERAGE. Enjoy and please let me know if you need assistance with your wedding favors selection and creation!


1. Beverage Koozies

Drink sleeves are on my list every season as a wedding favor and that’s because they're cute and your guests WILL KEEP THEM. Customize these seasonal drink sleeves with your event's details. And don't forget your wedding hashtag! When guests take them home, they can use them to drink their canned and bottled seasonal brews—hard cider, anyone? Yes, please!

2. Leather Coasters

Even more Fall wedding favors guests will appreciate? New coasters. Leather is one of Fall's must-have "it" fabrics, which makes these stylish coasters the perfect idea.

3. Cozy Blankets

Autumn is cuddling season, so help your guests cozy up or as we call it in my house “get curddly.” These soft throw blankets should do the trick. They're also perfect to have on hand for a cool outdoor ceremony or reception. Go the extra mile and display them alongside a sweet "to have and to hold in case you get cold" sign.

4. Leaf or Antler Shaped Bottle Openers

You can't go wrong with rustic motifs like antlers or leaves. And everybody could use a new bottle opener.

5. Seasonal Scented Soaps

Bars of soap make especially useful Fall wedding favors! These are some of the most unique I’ve seen. I love the marbleized, pumpkin-dotted design. Oh, and they smell like heavenly pumpkin pie. There's also whipped pumpkin spice soaps you can use as favors. Bonus points, if you serve actual pumpkin pie at your wedding and your favors leave guests reminiscing over the delicious dessert.

Pie! Let's talk food!


1. Cider Donuts

Cider donuts are one of the most beloved Autumn snacks, so order these mouthwatering treats from a local orchard or bakery and package the sugary sweets in these adorable, personalized "donut mind if I do" or "treat yo' self" bags.

2. Whiskey Nips

Keep the party going with personal bottles of booze. Bourbon is always a classic choice for Fall, but this brown sugar bourbon was basically made for Autumn.

VEGAS WEDDING PRO PLANNING TIP: Add a custom shot glasses to your Whiskey Nips and package them together to have a keepsake and “drinkable” all in one.

3. Mini Pies

Gift your guest with mini versions of your favorite Fall pie, be it apple, pecan or pumpkin (my weakness). Make them yourself or outsource the work, then place them in cute containers.

4. Apple Pie Flavored Lollipops

In my opinion, when it comes to wedding favor ideas, the more unique the better! These lollies look cool and taste delicious—they're apple pie-flavored!

5. Autumnal Teas and Honey Sticks

Send guests home with a relaxing beverage: seasonal tea. This cinnamon-flavored blend screams "Autumn." Pair them with personalized tea bag labels and honey sticks for a sweet package wrapped in love.

With Love,