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How To Elope In Las Vegas!- Tips and Mistakes to Avoid

You’re engaged (CONGRATS!), you’re an out of the box couple and you want a non-traditional wedding while saving money. You’re probably thinking of DIYing a hometown celebration, but did you know that eloping in Vegas is typically a more cost-effective option than a hometown wedding? FACT!

Weddings can be one of the most stressful times to endure. One of the reasons couples choose to elope is to reduce the stress of the occasion. Just the process of packing your bags and preparing for the experience can be stressful. Many people don’t want to add stress by having to accommodate and plan the experience for their wedding guests and relatives as well.

When you reserve this time to focus on your spouse it can be a refreshing and memorable stress-free experience. However, if you have close family members and you don’t want to leave out bring them along for a fun intimate family vacation.

You can make a Vegas wedding as quick, affordable, and kitschy as you want it to be. Let’s plan your elopement the easy way. Here are some tips to get started and a few things to avoid!

TIP #1- Consider What You Want!

Think carefully about what YOU want. What kind of experience do you want to have? Do you want a simple wedding for your elopement? How simple do you want it to be? What is your budget? Your budget will determine what options are available. These are just a couple of the questions you need to ask yourself before deciding on an elopement.

TIP #2- Contact a Vegas Elopement Planner!

If you live outside of Las Vegas and/or are unable to travel to the city before your elopement it is highly recommended that you hire a trusted elopement planner to be “your eyes” on the ground. You will want someone to manage the details of your travel plans, accommodations, travel to and from your hotel to the venue & photo locations, management of your vendors (even if only a few) and of course someone to bounce ideas of who is familiar with all things Vegas. Contact us, to set up your elopement consultation.

TIP #3- Chose Your Season- Pick a Date!

Though Vegas is synonymous with spur-of-the-moment weddings, you'll want to plan the time of year and date of your elopement accordingly. There are three important things you should pay your attention to;

Weather- Don’t forget that Vegas is in the desert, so if you want to have an outdoor ceremony or reception, consider getting married in the spring or autumn. Traditional summer wedding months (June-August) may turn your big day into a sweltering bug filled mess. Time of the day also plays apart of our weather here, in Vegas.

Conventions- Booking hotel accommodations during a convention can be a bit tricky. Hotel resorts often increase their pricing during large conventions. It’s a matter of supply and demand. Be careful and visit the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority to check ahead of time what conventions are in town before you book your wedding date.

Holidays- Some of the extra busy holidays are Valentine’s Day, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, and New Year’s Eve. Holidays bring high resort room rates, more traffic in the city and longer wait times at the county clerk’s office when you go to get your marriage license. For instance, on New Year’s Eve the Vegas Strip closes for a period and costs for wedding facilities increase.

PRO TIP!- Off season months are THE most cost-effective of them all! Ask us how!

TIP #4- Pick Your Venue Location & Theme!

Las Vegas offers plenty of themed, fun and casual wedding venue options for a wide range of tastes and budgets. From sky high weddings and cocktail parties to the ultra-chic nightclub buyouts and wedding venues for animal lovers, everyone can find something to their liking.

However, if you are planning a unique Vegas wedding, keep in mind that most popular and unusual venues and vendors get booked up early, so it is better to do everything in advance. Checkout our "Vegas Elopement" page for location details.

TIP #5- Wedding Attire & Hair/Makeup!

You can certainly travel to Vegas with your carefully chosen elegant wedding dress. But there’s no need for that. You can find lots of stores where you can buy or rent any bridal gown, tiara, veil, jewelry, shawl, gloves and crinoline you like. What will you wear on your wedding day? This is an essential thing to decide.

Your choices:

1. Will you get all dressed up and choose to rent a dress and tux/suit for your occasion?

2. Keep it simple and wear a dinner dress or semi-formal attire?

3. Go entirely casual with street clothes?

Many couples find something in the middle of formal and casual, after all, it is your wedding day. But then again, the beauty of Vegas is you can do whatever you like for your wedding and no one will judge you.

Finding hair salons and makeup artists doesn’t have to be a hassle while planning from outside of Vegas. Lots of hotels, casinos and spa centers offer these services to those who want their makeup and hair done professionally for their wedding day.

The only problem is that these services usually come at a rather high price. If you are on a budget, you can save some money if you go to a local salon located off the Strip. Let us send you contact list of reputable & trusted vendors!

TIP #6- Apply For Your Marriage License- Up To 364 Days in Advance!

If you are planning a Vegas wedding, you don’t need to wait long to receive a marriage license. It is recommended to apply for it no more than sixty days before your set date, but it is valid for up to one year. Besides, you can speed up the process by filling out a marriage application form online. YAY!

Please note, however, that both people getting married in Vegas should appear in person at the county clerk’s office to receive the license. It will cost you about $77. Don't forget your state issued I.D.

TIP #7- Plan Your Mini-Moon!

Couples sometimes chose Vegas for their elopement to also save on the cost of a “Mini-Moon.” Already being in a “resort town” makes the choice easy, to have fun and save money. Vegas has some of the best entertainment, restaurants, art galleries and surprisingly awesome outdoor activities in the world. If you chose to make your time in Vegas a family vacation, trust us, they will NOT be bored. If you chose to spend the time before and after your elopement in our city, please contact us for help with “Mini-Moon” planning.

AVOID- Partying Too Much, Lack of Sleep and Dehydration!

In many a romantic comedy, two people have a night of booze-fueled partying in Vegas and decide to keep the fun going by getting married. Hilarity ensues.

When it happens in real life, hilarity doesn't ensue.

A wedding day, complex or not so much, still requires lots of energy. The magic of Vegas and partying or gambling is more alluring than any other when it comes to keeping you awake. Nothing can zap your energy more than these top three things:

Drinking too much: Save the drinking for the night of or the night after the wedding.

Not getting enough sleep: Get the needed amount of sleep the night before the wedding and be clear the day of.

Not drinking enough water: Whenever you travel, you need to keep hydrated. Any travel and climate change will require more water intake. And again, don't forget Vegas is in the desert.

If you want a memorable and enjoyable Vegas wedding day, take this advice – you must pay heed to these cautions. No matter what!

With Love,

Elle Lee Designs

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